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About M3 Consulting

M3 Consulting was established in 2016 to address a need in the market.What we saw was a need for the experience and expertise of the big consulting companies but with the flexibility and scalability that our clients have been used to from a contractor resource.

The problem with using contractor resources is that the client retains the delivery risk. By using M3 Consulting we contract with our client to provide a service against a defined outcome or set of deliverables. This is the same as the client would with the big consulting firms. This frees the client to focus on their business while we focus on delivering the outcomes the client is looking for.

‘One degree of separation’ – We are all experienced Consultants and Programme Directors from large consulting companies,so we understand what our clients are looking from a consulting company. We use an Associate model, so we can scale quickly to our clients’ needs. We operate on the basis that we have either worked with each Associate previously or they have come recommended to us by someone we have worked with previously. So we can absolutely rely on their, and our, ability to deliver.

Our purpose is to build trust and work with clients to solve important problems. It is this focus which informs the services we provide and the decisions we make. Our aim is to:


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